May 25, 2022

5 Tips for Creating Storefront Signage that Drives Sales

The most significant purpose of your storefront sign is to get the attention of your potential and existing customers. While this can positively impact your marketing strategy, poor signage can have adverse effects and turn consumers away. Here are some pointers for signage that help get the job done.

1. Start with Your Font

Font size is essential when attracting attention with storefront signage, and bigger is not always better. 

Font style is also critical, as illegible text can defeat the purpose of the signage. You can use bold and clear fonts while testing italics or cursive styles to emphasize specific points in your message.

2. Great Storefront Signs Are Concise

Your potential customers do not have the time or effort to struggle and find out what you mean. That’s the job of your custom storefront sign.

Making your message too wordy can lead to frustration as customers spend time trying to understand the main point. By keeping your signage’s copy straightforward, your target audience understands your message and can easily recall it later.

3. Focus on Your Customer

Words like “yours” and “you” make your signage’s copy more customer-centric, enabling your target audience to better relate to your message. Customers can find it easier to remember your services when they associate themselves with your business.

More customer-centric signage can help you drive more sales and act on insights you get regarding customer behavior. Once you understand your target audience’s preferences, you can get better advertising results by incorporating them into your signage.

4. Experiment with Your Signage

From font size to your message’s content, you cannot be sure how well your signage will perform unless you test it. Being open to feedback and taking note of key areas for improvement can promote your overall sales.

You can also experiment with color theory to highlight specific words that emphasize your message in your copy. Periodically tweaking your signage to match your business’s season enables you to communicate the right message accordingly.

5. Positioning Is Key

Having a great sign that effectively showcases your message is pointless if no one can see it. Placing your signage in the right position encourages people to interact with your business.

Directional signs can be placed either in front of your store or in nearby populated areas to help people find your store easily. Test the best positions for various signs to determine the most effective placement for your customers.

Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility with Custom Storefront Signs

At Dynamic Sign & Graphic Solutions, we take pride in our commitment to providing custom storefront signs in Los Angeles to help promote your business. Looking for the ideal partner to develop custom storefront signs near you? We will help you develop ideal signs that clearly convey your message to your audience. Contact us to learn more about the premium signage solutions for your business.

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